Lab Reports

A quality CBD crop starts with quality feminized hemp seeds. If your seed dealer does not include a Certificate of Analysis (COA) and Germination Test for your seed, you should find another seed dealer. Our Certificate of Analysis come from the plants that produced this batch of seed. They are from a certified third party lab and can be verified through them. Note that our Magic Bullet #5 seeds are fully Delta 9 compliant, even at full maturity. Growing under the new USDA total THC rules, our seeds are compliant at about week 6 of flower.

Magic Bullet #5 COA sampled at 6 weeks of flower. If harvested at this point, total THC is fully USDA compliant.

26:1 Ratio / 8.35% CBD / 0.32% THC

Certificate of Analysis for Magic Bullet 5

Magic Bullet #5 COA sampled at full maturity. Note that total THC is above .3% limit, but Delta 9 THC would be compliant in a Delta 9 state.

23:1 Ratio / 15.09% CBD / 0.66% THC

Certificate of Analysis for Magic Bullet 5

Germination Test Conducted by CSU Seed Lab

93% Germination Rate – 99% Viable Rate

No Noxious Weeds / 99.76% Purity

98.76 Pure Live Seeding Rate