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What Are Feminized Hemp Seeds Anyway?

Feminized Hemp Seeds
CBD Hemp Field

Why Are Female Plants Important?

As a CBD or CBG grower, your biggest concern is cannabinoid production. It is a well known fact that the most productive plants are female plants allowed to flower to full term, but never get pollinated. The second male pollen (or feminized pollen for that matter) is introduced to your field or greenhouse, your female plants will stop putting energy into producing cannabinoids and trichomes, and begin using energy to grow seeds.

While growing outside, the possibility of becoming “seeded” is always a fear from unknown pollination sources, but we must do everything we can to eliminate pollen in and around our grow areas. The biggest source of potential pollen is obviously a male plant, which is allowed to grow to sexual maturity in our own field. A single male plant can pollinate hundreds or even thousands of female plants. This leaves a grower or farmer two choices.

Feminized Hemp Seed

What Options Do We Have?

Option A: Planting feminized seed, seedlings, or clones greatly reduces the chances you will have male plants in your grow area. While nothing is 100% effective, and you should always walk your fields, quality feminized seed will produce more than 99% female plants. This greatly reduces workload and eliminates the possibility of expending resources to plant, water, and apply nutrients to a male plant which you will end up removing anyway. While feminized seed may seem expensive in March, it will be well worth it in July – August!

Option B: Plant regular seed and cull the males at flower. This method is obviously cheaper up front, but will cost a grower or farmer much more in the long run. Imagine that regular seed has the potential to be 50% female / 50% male. Let’s imagine those numbers for a second… If you plant 2000 plants in an acre, and 1000 end up being culled due to being male, your potential harvest has been halved. Not to mention, you planted those 1000 seeds, watered and cultivated those 1000 plants, and applied expensive nutrients to those 1000 plants for multiple weeks before even knowing they were male. Since it is impossible to tell a male plant from a female plant until flowering, it is a complete gamble on the farmer’s part.

Being a Good Neighbor

Another important point, which is not mentioned as often, is our responsibility to our neighbors. If you are growing hemp, your neighbors probably are too. As hemp growers, we have a responsibility to limit pollen drift. If you allow males to grow in your field, and it pollinates your neighbor’s field, you just cost them money. Not only is this not the neighborly thing to do, there have been recent law suits as well.

At Blackstone Farms we produce a quality feminized seed, which we stand behind. Please give us a call with any questions and let us explain why starting your growing season with feminized seeds is a must!

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